Carrier Grade OSS/BSS

Digitalisation is transforming many industries across the globe. In fact, digital transformation is allowing them to restructure their processes and systems, and future-proof their businesses.

H8 AAA is a carrier grade access control server with support RADIUS, DIAMETER and TACACS+ protocols in a single stack. Workflow based request processing architecture enables central deployment of H8AAA server to serve different type of services. The solution is access agnostic and can support any vendor with standard protocols.

The ability to centrally manage all products and services and publish to different channels seamlessly in a user-friendly manner is a must-have during the digital transformation process. Our B/OSS solution enables capability to upgrade your existing infrastructure to a new generation systems without much hassle.

H8 BSS is a complete pre-integrated business support systems (BSS) offering that enables a single view of the customer from device down to the network. Driven by business processes and best practices, BSS delivers low-cost scalability and operational efficiency through a best of suite approach. It eases implementation of products and services and quickens time to production while helping to ensure an optimal customer experience.

H8 BSS full integration functionality with the our of products and solutions addressing convergent charging and rating, billing and financials, data and resource management, customer management and ordering as well as multi-channel self-service.

H8 BSS offerings provides a full set of transformation capabilities backed by industrialized best-practice assets and accelerators.

We help evolve operator's business processes into Digital Business Support Solutions that become an integral part of a great customer experience and enable emerging digital ecosystems.


H8 BSS built across for all B2C, B2B and B2B2X revenue streams, these solutions can help you capture and secure money streams and take advantage of business opportunities from all your business verticals providing you an experience a converged platform.
Easily assemble offers, discounts, promotions, new services and bundles from catalog components.
Consolidate your customer information and reduce average call times, while letting customers handle their own accounts through self-care.
Gain a convergent solution that can mean TCO savings and reduce duplicate entries for your operations. Gain a convergent solution that can mean TCO savings of up to 20%.
Reduce the number of systems you maintain and simplify IT.
H8 SSRMS is fully equipped to manage the sophisticated business models associated with next generation data and content services. Individual events can trigger a number of separate transactions for each member of the value chain.
Launch multi-play bundles of mobile, fixed, internet and TV services to create more value in the customer relationship and reduce churn.
H8 SSRMS provides a business-oriented solution for managing the multitude of sophisticated products required today. Any type of service can be defined and sold as a product, including voice and data access, value added services and content, physical devices, and other complementary items such as itemised billing or phone insurance. Products are combined with tariffs and discounts to build packages for sale to residential and business customers, supporting targeted marketing campaigns.

H8OSS is a carrier grade solution that comes with agility and scalability in terms of features and functionality. It enables you to manage your network performance by providing multi-vendor & multi-network support.

From Device Authentication deployments to smart cities deployment, H8OSS has proven record of its reliability and scalability as a technology partner with Telco, ISPs and CSPs worldwide.

  • Session Management
  • High Performance
  • Session Caching
  • Custom Plug-In Support
  • Device Authentications Deployments
  • 3GPP Compliance
  • Multi-Service Support
  • Centralized Identity Management
  • Automatic Fallback Mechanism
  • Vendor Neutrality and Standard Compliancy
  • Available on Cloud

A Customer relationship management forms the core of any telecommunications service provider’s enterprise architecture. Telecommunications companies that are committed to constant CRM improvements focus on faster time-to-market and an improved customer experience. They expect smoother, more successful implementations of large-scale, multi-regional transformation programs.

H8 CRM systems assist in controlling customer churn as it studies data gathered from other functional spheres like sales and service. When the analysis is combined with transactional information, it discovers deep understanding of customer behaviour and helps to recognize and restrain customer churn.

H8 CRM solution gives companies the functionality and integration needed to meet the demands of the market and customer satisfaction. It contributes into the growth of the company and turns it into a truly customer-centric organization, with the kind of individual care and attention that today’s consumers expect. At the same time, it enables to achieve strategic business goals, such as lower costs through process automation and optimization. Moreover, it helps to increase profitability, productivity of administration and operations of departments, and lowers churn.

Accelerate customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve partner management. Transform from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization with your Cloud CRM.

  • Best User Friendly Telecom CRM
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Reduce Churn and Increase Retention
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Enjoy Faster Lead Conversion
  • Utilize Real Time Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile Application for easy and quick access on Android and IOS Platform

We at Height8 offer a forward looking, user-friendly, highly competitive products and services tailored to the needs and requirements our clients.

We provide a range of IP Based Solutions that include Broadband Management, Wi-Fi Management, End-to-End Leaseline Management, Triple Play Solutions, IPTV & Cable Billing Solutions.

Our suite of solutions include varied deployments for Device Authentications in the international markets. Being a technology enabler, our Carrier OSS/BSS services are cloud ready.