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Height8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT & telecom software company providing CRM, OSS, BSS solutions for ISPs and CSPs. We are the vendor-agnostic telecommunication software company providing hand-to-hand support to the stakeholders. read more

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Carrier Grade OSS/BSS

Digitalisation is transforming many industries across the globe. In fact, digital transformation is allowing them to restructure their processes and systems, and future-proof their businesses.

  • Digital BSS Transformation
  • Carrier Grade OSS
  • CRM for Telcos/ISPs/CSPs
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Carrier Wi-Fi Solutions

A Carrier Wi-Fi has varied meanings. But in general we can understand Carrier Wi-Fi as a service for providing mobile subscribers a better user experience including easy access to the Wi-Fi network and better quality of service along with enabling the service provider to scale and manage a network of Wi-Fi access points with no specific limit.

  • Wi-Fi Offload
  • Smart City
  • Wi-Fi Monetization
  • Cloud Wi-Fi
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Manage Cloud Services

  • Triple Play Solution
  • Wi-Fi Management
  • Leaseline Management
  • Broadband Management
  • Cable TV Solution
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